Sky Trek boasts a full service avionics shop which is capable of repair and installation of many types of avionics equipment on varied aircraft.

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Are you ready for 2020?

The time is fast approaching. Will you be ready for the ADS-B mandate of Jan. 1, 2020? There are about 150,000 unequipped aircraft that need to have ADS-B Out installed. Based on this, the FAA and repair shops are recommending that aircraft owners begin accomplishing installations as soon as possible. This will help aircraft owners avoid being caught in the expected rush of activity leading up to the 2020 deadline. The FAA Mandate states that you need to be ADS-B equipped if your aircraft flies in Class A, B and C airspace, plus Class E airspace above 10,000 feet but not below 2,500 feet. With so many options out there, now is the time to get your aircraft ready so you may continue to fly. If you decide to go with the ADS-B IN option as well, you can get the benefit of subscription free traffic (TIS-B) and weather (FIS-B) displayed on either your panel mounted display, or on a wireless device (additional hardware may be required). Contact us today and learn more about the ADS-B “IN”s and “OUT”s.

Countdown to 2020


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